Bali Project - 14th November 2019

Under the vision and guidance of President Dr Sunita Tandulwadkar and Hon Secretary Dr Bhaskar Pal, IAGE's BALI (Balancing Advanced Laparoscopy in India) kicked off on 14th November 2019.

12 Delegates from all over India joined in for this program.

1st session began with Dr Vivek Salunkhe and Dr Abhishek Chandavarkar welcoming faculty and delegates on behalf of IAGE. Dr Gaurav Desai opened the innings with a visual treat on pelvic anatomy. Dr Rohan Krishnakumar showed the limits of lymph node dissection. Dr Ameya Padmawar demonstrated prevention and management of Urinary, Bowel and Vascular injuries. Dr Vivek Salunkhe spoke on clinical significance of spaces. Dr Abhishek Chandavarkar spoke on techniques of dissection.

The post lunch session was in the animal lab where Johnson and Johnson had made amazing arrangements for dissection. All delegates enjoyed learning hands-on pelvic floor dissection, lymph node dissection. They also managed bladder, bowel, ureteric and vascular injuries under the able supervision of all faculties.

Dr Sunita Tandulwadkar's vision for upgrading the skillset of the ever enthusiastic endoscopic surgeons in retroperitoneal dissection was well appreciated by the delegates.

BALI 14th November 2019